(Re)Discovering Hobbies

PrintNot counting college, I’ve lived in New York for the past three years, and have consistently tried to find hobbies that fit in with my often erratic work schedule. There was the time I joined a show choir, only to bail right before a rousing rendition of “I Believe I Can Fly;” the summer I joined a kickball league only to get whammed in the face and remember why I hate team sports; and that other time I joined an all-female acapella group before once again realizing I don’t have time for three-hour rehearsals on Wednesday nights! Add knitting, cello playing, latch-hooking, cake decorating, roller-blading, and trivia night-ing to the list and that concludes my efforts at expanding my social circle and/or the “Interesting Things About Me” section of an online dating profile!

But I have never given up on the hope that I will find a hobby that suits both my schedule and my interests and sure enough, I found one! The fact that this particular hobby was also my primary activity in high school helps, but you know what? You love what you love. That’s right, ladies and gentleman: I have joined a band! A wind ensemble to be precise. After many years of disuse, I dug my saxophone out of my closet and immediately felt the joy that band has always brought me. Less joyful was lugging my collaged saxophone case on the subway and into work, with its photos of Leonardo DiCaprio and moody feet shellacked to the front in full, embarrassing display!

But it’s been a fun few weeks, filled with déjà vu and a steep re-learning curve. Who would think that at 26, I’d be buying reeds and practicing my scales just like I did when I was 16? Now I just need an over-sized t-shirt with “SAX-A-MA-PHONE! Class of ’06!!!!!” emblazoned on the front and the transformation is complete!

What’s My Age: 17, the heyday of my musical career, where I practiced an hour a day 6 times a week. #iwasacoolperson

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