A Clean Home is a Happy Home

PrintI tend to skew towards the tidy side—some may say I’m a bit of a ‘neat-freak’—but I like a clean space! I grew up in a clean house, and have carried over many of those habits, like making my bed every day and straightening up before work so I can come home to an orderly apartment! It was lovely to come home from my three-day weekend to find a model apartment with nary a crumb in sight! And call me crazy (I’ve heard it before….), but who doesn’t love the smell of a freshly vacuumed rug? If I wore perfume, it would most likely be “Eau de Clorox Wipes.”

As a single person living in a studio apartment, you would think it wouldn’t be that difficult to keep everything clean. No roommates to deal with, only my own stuff to handle. But I find myself constantly picking up, decluttering, sweeping, wiping, mopping and vacuuming the 20×20 space I call home! Sometimes I will stand at my stove boiling water and become distracted by the grease stain on the back burner. Then I’ll be lured in by the grime that’s built up on the window frame, which leads to a full kitchen scrub. And obviously you can’t clean one room without cleaning the other two, so before long, I’m elbow-deep in suds while my pasta boils over and turns into a starchy lump….which I then have to clean up.

Sometime I wonder what it would be like if I just “let it go.” Left the crumbs on the rug and the strands of hair in the sink, the clothes unfolded, the shoes piled by the door…UGH I CAN’T! If anyone needs me, I’m scrubbing down my desk, to tie me over until tonight! The mop awaits!

What’s My Age: A 65-year old veteran cleaning lady. 

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