Fashion “Short” Fall

PrintAh, summer in the city! A season of joy, freedom, and sweating profusely wherever you go. Frankly, it hasn’t really been too bad this year, and after the endless, frigid winter, I’ve been enjoying the nice weather! But one of the challenges in the summer (and the fall, winter, and spring…) is figuring out what I’m going to wear. In the winter, I basically take my dresses and put tights under them, so it’s not like I have a “wardrobe” I can switch out for each season. And then, of course, there is the constant temptation to wear shorts.

For whatever reason, I spend an unrealistic amount of time debating whether or not I should wear shorts to work. It may be a desire to make up for a very awkward fashion phase in my younger years (think long-overalls and shirts buttoned all the way up…) that I now try to over-compensate with a trendier look! Whatever the reason, I look at my three lowly pairs of shorts and weigh the pros and cons of wearing them at least twice a week! So, since my office is already pretty casual, last week I finally figured, what the heck! Shorts it is! I had seen several people wearing shorts to work, so feeling that the path had been paved, I picked out my most-formal pair and attempted to “rock that look.” Well, I think we can gather how I really felt….which was extremely self-conscious.

Now of course, it’s not like I was sporting daisy-dukes and a tube top. My shorts were an acceptable, pointer-finger length and my blouse had a giant bow on it! But no less than 6 people said, “Oo, shorts!” to me during the day. And what is that supposed to mean? “Oo, shorts! Looking good!” or, “Oo, shorts! You look unprofessional and should be fired.” It’s just really hard to tell….

But why shouldn’t I feel comfortable in shorts—unlike a skirt, shorts give cylindrical coverage on both legs! Hmm…I think I’m realizing the person that gets in the way of most of my sartorial choices is….me!

What’s My Age: 14, when dressing “trendy” meant rainbow toe-socks under jeans with Adidas slip-on sandals. Oooo, middle school. 

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