Basic RGBYesterday, I made yet another fashion faux pas when I wore a giant crystal cocktail ring to work. Maybe it was because I don’t usually wear flashy jewelry, or perhaps because it resembled a (incredibly ostentatious) engagement ring, but no less than six people asked me if I was recently engaged, including my boss! Um, I am not. Maybe my sarcasm sensors need tweaking, because I couldn’t really tell if they were joking, or if I just have a lot of insanely rich coworkers that see a ring of that size and barely blink! And for the record, it was $2 at Forever 21, so props to them for making something that apparently appears realistic!

Regardless, I guess I’ve entered into an era where it wouldn’t really be out of the ordinary to wear a ring on “that” finger. Judging by the number of wedding invitations and engagement parties I’ve been invited to this year alone, I think that’s enough of a clue! Just last week, six of my Facebook friends posted engagement and wedding pictures. And most devastatingly, my middle school-graduation day crush just tied the knot last weekend! Dreams….destroyed.

So I think the lesson here is to stop spending money on fake jewelry, because the emotional damage far outweighs the cost. And it also turns my fingers green.

What’s My Age: 12, pretending to be “engaged” while wearing a bread twist-tie. 

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