My Hovel, My Home

PrintWhile I was away for the last few months, I decided to sublet my apartment. This was risky on a few levels–I didn’t alert my crazy landlord to this setup and I had exactly one week to find someone. But mostly the risk came from letting some random person that I met for five minutes come into my apartment with all of my stuff and live there for a few months. The day I left, I had a vision of returning to an empty apartment and finding a note on the door that read, “Thanks for letting me take all of your stuff, you have good taste.” But, she paid me in full before she even moved in, so I handed over the keys and said a prayer!

Well, when I got back to my apartment this week, it was not how I had left it–which was, obviously, pristinely clean. Despite giving her a full tour of the single closet that holds all of my cleaning supplies, and mentioning where the vacuum was located, I returned to the disgusting reality of someone who hadn’t touch a mop or sponge in three months! Plus, inexplicably, she took all of my artwork off the walls and put my mantle-place tchotchkes underneath my kitchen sink! I guess she was offended by my collection of carved wooden animals and Turkish pottery I have way too much of after an over-zealous spree at World Market! People are weird….

So not only did I have to scrub the identity of this phantom subletter from my apartment, but I also needed to scrub away her grime and glass rings from my coffee table! At least the coffee table was still there? After many hours of elbow grease and a griping phone call to my parents, my apartment is clean again and feels like the spotless home I know and love! I’d like to take a nap, but I should probably get some air to clear out the cleaning fumes from my system!

What’s My Age: 57, a second-career Merry Maids franchise owner. 

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