PrintMy 27th birthday was a few weekends ago, so I’m officially at the start of my late 20s! I’m at the beginning of the end! The open of the close! The start of the finish! Ok…you get the point! I love nothing more than “a fresh start” and I’ve decided that that’s how I’m going to look at this upcoming year, and this next era of my 20s. After the volatility of my mid-twenties, I’m actually really looking forward to the maturity, stability and calm that will surely come at the ripe ‘ole age of the big 2-7.

Yea….who am I kidding? I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. I don’t know when I’m going to figure out what I should be doing with my life. I don’t know where/how/with whom I’ll be figuring this all out. My biggest goal right now is eating a dinner that doesn’t involve a cereal bowl. But if I’ve learned anything from the past few months in particular, it’s that a lot of things are out of my control, and that stressing and crying and moaning “Why Me?!” doesn’t get me any closer to figuring it out! Who would have thought 27 would bring about such an insightful, seemingly emotionally balanced me? (Not anyone who knows me that well….)

Maybe I’m just in a post-birthday-cake haze, but I’m feeling pretty positive about this upcoming year. With only an opportunity to move up and at ’em, I’m vowing to become less concerned with having a “perfect life” and more concerned with my life, as it is! So cheers to that!

What’s My Age: ….really guys? Let’s use some basic problem solving for this one…

Unemployment Haikus–An Anthology

PrintSnooze Button

Wake up every day

No alarms, it’s ten o’clock

Back to sleep, who cares?

Time Suck 

Type, type, emails out

Three hours of life, I will

Never see again.

PJs4lyfe                                                                       Thoughts

What to wear today?                                                   Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.

Office clothes, no use for you                                     What should I do with my life?

Hello sweats, my friends.                                             Brain, please be quiet.

What’s My Age: 87, a poet laureate residing in a Cherry Blossom garden in rural Japan. 

Get Outta There!!

95When I left my job, almost immediately, people were quick to share their words of advice. And after counseling me to “follow my heart” and “do what you think is best,” everyone’s favorite solution was to get rid of my apartment and move home! It’s funny how quickly people view apartment living as a disposable situation. I don’t own the place, so just get rid of it, pack up all of your belongings, say goodbye to your friends/your routines/your corner deli, and move two hours away where you don’t know anyone but your parents! ….Great idea.

Getting my apartment was probably one of the most life-changing things I have ever done. Not to be dramatic, but it was so freeing to be completely independent and do something entirely on my own. I suffered through endless commutes, squirreling away every spare cent, each mile on my crappy odometer a bit closer to living in New York City. And despite this little detour I seem to be on lately, I’m not ready to give that up yet! It’s only been three and a half years since I moved in! I just discovered a coffee place in my neighborhood that I could potentially be “a local” at (if I don’t start working there first….). I finally found the perfect arrangement for my salt and pepper shaker collection!

But at the sake of sounding like an ungrateful shrew, my parents have made the offer and I do appreciate it. While I may not be ready to give up the dream, “the dream” seems a little hell-bent on letting go of me! And considering “practicality” is my middle name, it’s not out of the question that I may be packing my bags at some point in the not-so-distant future. It’s just difficult to imagine letting go of something that I’ve visualized since I was ten years old. So for now, advice givers, just let me clutch my keys a little longer!

What’s My Age: Still feeling 23, when I moved into the place! 

Aspirational Strolling

PrintI’ve been doing a lot of walking lately–mostly it’s a way to pass the time when I would normally be at work, and now that it’s not so bitterly cold, it’s been a refreshing way to clear my head and reset. Of course, living in New York is an invitation to walk everywhere anyway, but since I don’t really have anywhere to go these days, it’s more of a necessity to get me out of the house and into some normal pants!

But naturally, I don’t just walk for the sake of walking. I use it as an excuse to look at the apartments and envision my life when I’m wildly rich and can live on the Upper West Side. I live about a mile from one of the most beautiful and ritzy parts of the city (in my opinion….) and walking along the park with its stately apartment buildings both throws me back to a time of opulent wealth and forward to a future of walking out one of those doors with my two charming children and a perfectly groomed dog. Plus, an after-dinner walk means you can actually see inside some of the apartments, with their large-scale art and impressive bookshelves. Call me a stalker, or just someone with a vivid imagination, but these walks have me brainstorming how to get from where I am now to how/when I’ll be there! Pro-tip–it’s not by being unemployed, to start….

This is actually quite the hobby of mine–I used to do this in college when I lived in Washington DC, very close to Embassy Row. There was a gorgeous neighborhood behind my dorm and I would spend an hour or two walking around and internally decorating my future living room! And I did it during my time at my last job, strolling among the brownstones and colonial homes, imagining the well-rested and happy people who lived behind those doors. Of course, I know better than to assume that an apartment on Riverside Drive equals ultimate happiness…but it can’t hurt!

What’s My Age: 62, a real-estate tycoon, ready to sign a deal for a “classic-six” with picture windows and a built-in washer-dryer.  

Spring Cleaning

PrintBy now, it’s a well-known fact that I am a neat freak. I’ve embraced it–I am who I am! And now that I’m spending more time at home, everyday is an opportunity to organize every square inch of the place! You’d be surprised at how sloppy a studio apartment can get, but this week alone, I organized my dresser by clothing type (t-shirts in the top drawer, jeans in another, “Other Pant Styles” in a third…), color-coordinated my closet, alphabetized my bookshelf, organized my bathroom vanity with products by height, and cleaned the top of my refrigerator. And that’s on top of my weekly dust/sweep/scour regimen!

My need for order directly correlates to how disorderly the rest of my life is. I cannot control where/when/if I will be getting a job, but I can control my nail polish collection (which is now color-coded). I may have no clue what I’m supposed to be doing with my life and when that is going to become apparent to me, but I do understand the system of ordering my magazines! (Name/Date/Genre….obviously…)

With so many things up in the air lately, it’s nice to know that at least a few things in my life are in their proper place. I may look at my current life situation and see an eternal field of question marks, but at least I can ponder it from a sparkling abode! Plus, all of my (now cataloged!) magazines say that cleaning passes as a form of exercise, so I feel less guilty about giving up my gym membership! It’s excellent cardio scrubbing the grout from the shower tiles!

What’s My Age: Always striving to be a 2nd career Merry Maid employee.