Free Lunch Joy!

PrintOne of the perks of my new job is that they cater lunch in a few times a month. You’d think this would be nothing, but it really boosts morale (and saves me from hitting the cafeteria every single day.) You’d be surprised at how much a steak burrito really elevates the mood around the work place! Add in free guacamole and everyone is basically euphoric!

It’s the little things like this that have made this job so awesome the last few months. Ok, ok…I may be making it sound like I’m super passionate about lunch, but it’s the principle of it! (And the free-ness.) But that little gesture of appreciation is something I’ve often felt has been lacking at work. And then when I look back at my most recent job debacle, I was really shaken to the core of my being as to why I was putting so much time and effort and emotional investment into work that was not appreciated. So it’s been really nice to come to work everyday and feel valued.

So sure, lunch as a metaphor for career satisfaction? Why not! Who would have thought that all it would take to get me back on board to following my career in this industry would be a chicken parm sandwich once every three weeks?! (Or the meaning behind the chicken parm…..) So much career angst could have been avoided if only my old bosses had splurged on some chopped salads once in a while….

What’s My Age: 19, when I attended many boring school events specifically for the promise of a free meal/snacks.