Thank You for Your Input!

129-01Recently, my company sent out an online survey inviting people to anonymously submit suggestions for how to make this a better work environment. First of all…talk about opening the flood gates. And second of all, is there a word limit on this assignment????

Anyone could read the responses, and naturally people had a lot to complain about. Most people bemoaned the lack of work/life balance and the long hours, but there were also a surprising number of complaints about the aesthetics of the lobby, mainly that it’s hideous and should be filled with plants. Seriously, I read at least six complaints about the lack of foliage surrounding the entryways of my office building, which, uh, I guess? If that’s what’s important to you, maybe they’re hiring at the Botanical Gardens. Personally, I complained that I haven’t been promoted to president of this whole shebang yet. What can be done about that, corporate big wigs?! And also, the cafeteria food is insanely overpriced.

But as is very typical of my company, and probably corporate America in general, the upper brass responded to everyone’s concerns by thanking us for our contributions and then handing out hot/cold thermoses. This immediately sent everyone into a tizzy over how misunderstood we are, how our complaints weren’t heard, and what a supreme waste of money it was to buy 5,000 thermoses instead of doing something to actually address anyone’s complaints. But tired from carrying my torch, I simply added my thermos to my vast collection of company branded drink-ware and filled it with pens.

What’s My Age: 22, the last time I was excited about receiving free “gifts” from work. 

Back Again!

124Wowza, it’s been a while since I posted on this blog! It’s been a busy few months–between my soul-sucking job, band rehearsals, keeping in touch with friends near and far, weekend escapes, foreign vacations, and a nice long bout of writer’s block, here we are once again!

Now that I’m back to blogging, it really is true–as the late, great Nora Ephron famously said–“Everything is copy.” There are free lunch woes to write about, weekend work shifts to moan over, another season of S.A.D. to reminisce on, unemployment anniversaries to celebrate, lamentations on work and the brick wall that is my professional life, lamentations on online dating and the hot-mess/emotional roller coaster that is my personal life….the fountain of inspiration never runs dry! (Still deciding if that’s a good or bad thing…) And of course, you can look forward to a post about my recent haircut, which, spoiler alert, I hate.

Surprisingly, a few people have told me they actually miss this little ditty of an internet thing, and those people were not my own mom! So I’m happy people enjoy what I write, and I’ll try to keep up with it….until I get uninspired and stop writing again. Here we go!

What’s My Age: Currently 28, new year, new me…another year of the S.O.S.