Picking Up

A belated Happy New Year to everyone! I know it’s been a rough couple of weeks, and I’ve been clutching onto every last shred of good will I can muster. My parents recently brought home two new puppies, and I would highly recommend that as an antidote to the pitch black cloud that has settled in. (Forecast says blue skies will return…in 4 years.)

Despite the negative news, it has been heartening to see so many people energized and passionate, showing up and making noise. The intense disgust I felt for this country in November has fortunately been replaced with some relief–that people are good and kind, and can still find humor and light and community, even when it feels especially taxing to do so. I’ve been looking for ways to get involved, for ways to not become so weighed down with the enormity of what we’re facing, for ways to not be complacent and self-serving. And that’s hard! It’s hard to feel ok going about a “normal” life when there’s so much else to be done!

But at the same time, I do want to be conscious of my own mental health, because I felt like I let 2016 turn into a year of wallowing and complaining and feeling sorry for myself. That is not the person I want to be, and I’ve been making changes, some big, and some smaller,  that I’d like to keep sharing here. So I’m going to dig myself out of my self-imposed hiatus, dust of the keyboard, and attempt to get back into a regular schedule of posting on the blog. (Starting next week….maybe?)  So I hope this can be a space where you realize, hey, even in these trying times, Alyssa STILL cannot find someone that will send her a bouquet of flowers after the first date. (Which is a real thing that happened to someone my sister knows and now the bar has been SET!)

Chin’s up everyone! And thanks for tuning in and letting me have this space.