A New Dawn!

166-01Getting up/getting it together in the morning (…or at all…) is not one of my strong suits. In the past, this has worked out in my favor, because my old job had a start time of 11 in the morning. And even though I had grand plans for those mornings, all I’d really do is sleep until 10:15, rub the fatigue and dread from my eyes, and roll into work with an iced coffee and a giant chip on my shoulder. Suuuuucccchhhh a pleasant existence! Basically my work M.O. was “Get through it” and I found it impossible to do anything with my mornings except survive them.

But now at this new job, I have to be at work, like a normal person, at 9 am, and shockingly, I’m enjoying it! Waking up before 8:00 is not something I ever thought would be possible for me, and now everyday, that alarm goes off and I am up! I think it’s helped that I have no choice but to add structure to my mornings now–there’s no time to lallygag in bed, no time to aimlessly scroll through Instagram. When the alarm goes off, I’m off to the races, with 25 minutes to get myself together and out the door.

Now that may not seem like a ton of time, but it’s just enough to perfectly block out five minutes for this and five minutes for that. And now that I’m traveling during prime commuting times, every second counts! This new ticking-time-clock-commute has done wonders for my morning routine, and that enormous shoulder chip has blessedly disappeared. My next morning goal will be to actually wake up before my alarm…but one day at a time!

What’s My Age: Unidentified, because this is the first time in my life I’ve willingly and uncomplainingly risen at this morning hour. 

An Update (So we can all move on)

PrintAi yai yai…broken promises, amirite? I’ve been meaning to kickstart this blog back into action, but have been sidetracked with the sheer AMOUNT OF THINGS that have happened over the past several months and haven’t known how to start or where to re-begin! So instead, here’s a sampling, in one foul swoop.

Since October, I….

Quit my job/went to Asia/possibly got dengue fever/started a new career, cautiously/enjoyed being free from my old job/gave up dating/cancelled Tinder/re-signed up for Tinder/deleted Tinder again/split my time between New York and New Jersey, causing a low-level of emotional strife, mostly because I was actually legitimately enjoying NJ?/celebrated the holidays/officially gave up online dating/deleted okCupid/told all of my friends I was doing this/took a trip to California/took a trip to Wyoming/took a trip to New Orleans/started a new job/(ps, I ACTUALLY LIKE THIS NEW JOB)/expressed shock and delight to everyone I know that I’m actually liking work/wrote a lot of long journal entries about this fact/wrote even longer journal entries about how great it is to not be dating/rejoined online dating/started another weirdly confusing…thing/redecorated my apartment/actually got into running/started doing bedtime yoga/started taking vitamin C tablets/got my haircut/finally stopped biting my nails/bit off all my nails last night at 2 am when I couldn’t sleep/ got very into Andrew Bird.

…So. It’s been a pretty eventful time, and I’m feeling pretty good about things (and the same about some other things….)! And now that we’re all caught up, I will try and dive back into posting on a semi-regular basis!