Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 10.43.24 AMI want to take a little break from all that lurve and relationshipz stuff and talk about WERK and the fact that I FINALLY GOT A PROMOTION! This has been a long freakin’ time coming! 

Let’s take a step back, shall we? I’ve worked in my field for almost 10 years, and BOY have there been some doozies. I was brought to tears regularly during the majority of my first and second (and fourth…and once or twice during my third) jobs, and then I was brought to unbelievable anger and frustration during my fifth job, and then I was unemployed, and then I was once again in figurative EMOTIONAL DARKNESS (and also very literal, as I sat in a windowless work area) with my sixth job, and then I was unemployed AGAIN and then I was temporarily employed in an entirely unrelated field where I contemplated moving to NJ (so THAT was a weird time) and then I FINALLY LANDED A JOB WHERE I FELT PERSONALLY AND PROFESSIONALLY FULFILLED AND SHORTLY AFTER THAT I MET NF AND SEE HOW THAT WORKS and then last week I got promoted!

Got all that?

Needless to say, it’s been a professional ROLLER COASTER. Of course, we all have our ups and downs and it’s actually allowed me to appreciate what I finally have (most of the time…). It’s also provided a nice little counter-argument when someone says, “Oh wow, you just really are getting everything this year, aren’t you?” in a saccharine-ly passive-aggressive way. (True story, this happened.) Listen LADY: (or MAN, I will not give away detailz.) I worked for this, so let me enjoy this payoff and treat myself to some K-mart polo shirts. (Also a true story and what I did after I got my promotion.) #stayhumble.

What’s My Age: 16, when I got promoted to head camp counselor of the kindergarten group and thought I was realllyyyy going places. 

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